Website Cookies

Please note that 2badhd.com utilizes “cookie” technology and users’ IP addresses to enhance and customize the user’s online experience on the Site. Cookies technology transfers bits of information to the users’ hard drive when the website is accessed. These “cookies” can then be automatically identified by our server whenever the user interacts with 2badhd.com. Cookies allow websites to optimize the user experience by identifying the users’ preferences and providing a more personalized user experience. This technology is a common feature utilized by many websites and is necessary in order for certain features of the website to function correctly and to provide a better online service to users. For example user authentication, registration, login, and customized preferences.

In addition, the cookie services of third parties are used by 2badhd.com as specified below:

  1. Google Analytics – is used to gather information about website usage. Google Analytics information doesn’t include personally identifiable data. See the Google Privacy Policy at: google.com/policies/privacy/.
  2. Google Remarketing – to market products and services according to the users’ preferences. Our advertisements may appear to users on the Google Display Advertising Network of partner websites and on search results pages on Google. The services and products we remarket to users are carefully selected based on the site pages they have spent time on. To opt-out of Google Remarketing, users may customize their device browser settings to provide notifications when a browser cookie is sent or to block browser cookies altogether.

The aforementioned third parties are completely independent and we do not have authorization, jurisdiction or control over any of them. Users are able to customize their device browser settings to allow for notifications when a browser cookie is sent or to block browser cookies completely. Please be advised that if users decide to deny/block cookie activity, some parts of the site may not function correctly or they may not function at all. Therefore, denying/blocking cookies may potentially reduce the users’ options on our website. Users should check their browser for instructions on how to make these adjustments to cookie settings.